Held at MIT on June 13-15, 2014, to bring together stakeholders in the community for training, discussion, and finding consensus on solutions to gender inequality and sexual harassment.

The program

The conference includes a day of sessions for training and discussion, followed by a morning workshop for interested conference attendees to aid in drafting a working solutions document for dissemination to the community. The emphasis of the conference in terms of panelists and attendees is on diversity, not just gender diversity but also ethnic diversity.


  • Opening plenary that includes a data-rich, statistically relevant presentation of the data on workplace diversity and harassment. This presentation will serve as the foundation of the discussion going forward and of the working documents that arise from this conference
  • Session/training on the legalities of sexual harassment in the workplace: how it is defined, how to recognize it, how to act on it
  • Session on how to address specific situations of inequality in the workplace, including issues of pay, writing assignments, and editorial decisions
  • Session/training on diversity, privilege, and inclusion
  • Session on how to manage situations of inequality or harassment and their sequelae, with views and experiences from the field
  • Session on mentoring, either as a working mentorship or a professional mentorship based on gender and highlighting participants willing to serve in these capacities, with their insights


This day will feature a half-day morning workshop to develop working action plan and documents to be finalized after the conference and disseminated to the community. Work on these documents will begin before the conference through a wiki that the planners will establish for input and to shape an outline. An experienced moderator will guide the workshop to keep the discussion streamlined and fruitful.

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